Fighting a Flood with a Broom

by Cornerstone Staff

We are all tired of the cold weather and excited to see 70 degrees in February! Makes me want to get out the golf clubs. Unfortunately the fairways are too wet from all the rain so maybe I will hit the driving range instead.

We had a little scare at my house last week when we discovered water in our storage room. Fortunately we caught it early and discovered the backup was coming from a clogged drain pipe and easily fixed. That small incident made me think about flood insurance.

My house sits high on a hill with little chance of suffering what you would normally think of as flood damage. But our lot in the back has a gentle slope toward the house, and when we get heavy rains water has come very close to coming in. I actually used a broom one day to sweep water away!

A ‘flood’ is considered to be water coming into your home or business from outside. It can be from heavy rains, a clogged drain, water from sewer drains that are clogged up, runoff from roads, and many other reasons. You don’t have to be in a flood plain to suffer flood damage, and water damage can be very expensive to fix.

Flood insurance can be purchased for any amount, and if you are not in a flood plain it can be surprisingly inexpensive. If, like me, you have had a few “near flood” episodes, you may want to check out the cost to add this coverage.

And get a shop-vac. Trust me it works better than a broom!

-Bill Wethington

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