Universal Underwriters

Universal Underwriters is one of the founding partners of Cornerstone Insurance.

We are proud to announce that Universal Underwriters, Keystone-Sills Insurance, Northern Kentucky Insurance, Wethington Insurance, and Stewart Insurance will begin operating under the name of Cornerstone Insurance, LLC.

The name change is due to the continued expansion of our group of agencies which now includes strategic partnerships between Universal Underwriters, Keystone-Sills Insurance, Wethington Insurance, Northern Kentucky Insurance, and Stewart Insurance. All four of our partner agencies will operate as Cornerstone Insurance. We chose the name Cornerstone Insurance for several reasons. The partnership between our agencies is the cornerstone of our future success. The word Cornerstone reflects the faith based values of the owners and employees of our respective agencies. Finally insurance is the cornerstone of the financial security we are committed to providing to our valued clients.

The strategic partnership of our agencies allows us to expand our competitiveness in the marketplace so that we can continue to offer our clients the very best products available.

Our contact information such as phone and fax will not change. We will continue to operate in our current locations in Independence, Lexington and Park Hills.

Please note our new web site address of www.cornerstoneinsllc.com. We will be converting our email address to info@cornerstoneinsllc.com. The current email address you have will continue to be active and forward to the proper person.

The entire staff at Universal Underwriters and I are very excited about our new name and the opportunities our partnership represents for us and our clients. Thank you for your continued business and loyalty. Please give me a call if you have any questions.

John W. Hamilton

Co-Owner Cornerstone Insurance, LLC